Triple Copa Scappino Daily Highlights
GDL Semana 2
Guadalajara Semana 1 Triple Copa Scappino

Mexico is Jumping! Wrapping Up the Triple Copa Scappino, CSI4*-W and Ready to Unwrap the NEW Ban Bajio Classic, CSI4*-W


On a sunny Wednesday , sixty-one horse & rider combinations gave it a go in the EQMKT 1.30m Cup, a two-phases competition, with just over half qualifying for the second phase. Posting a double clear and quick round, Juan Angel Hernandez with Hakon took the top prize, finishing over a second faster than Agustin Aguilar with his horse Duncan, who earned the second spot on the podium. Rounding out the third place was well-known Mexican rider Antonio Maurer with Chapella.Full results:

The EQMKT Cup continued with the very competitive Amateur CSI 1.30m section. Sara Williams, daughter of show jumper Guillermo Williams. and her horse Quingdao earned the first place spot stopping the clock just under half of a second faster than hometown rider Felipe Gaspar aboard Turin. Just under two-tenths of a second separated third place finisher Marco Beteta, Mexico ́s most recognized lifestyle and gastronomic curator, and his horse Stakkun. Full results:

The day concluded with the forty-six competitors in the Tempur Pedic Cup 1.40m. Mexico’s own Nicolas Pizarro and Barbaro lead the victory gallop just ahead of Antonio Maurer with Houston PP. Yet another close finish relegated Alejandro Mills and his mount Chataga to tthird place with just over two-tenths of a second difference in time.Full results:

The Irish national anthem opened Thursday’s first class with Jordan Coyle and Quarto Mail taking the Seguro Altas Cup 1.35, besting sixty-eight horse and rider pairs. The second place was awarded to Spain’s Pedro Mateos, who now resides in Mexico. He rode Fayerbal du Ronchy who had C Dallas LZ nipping at his heels with the young Mexican rider Carlos Molina aboard, who ended up third. Full results:

With 40 participants in the The El Informador Cup 1.40m, the triumph went to the class sponsor, Guadalajara's Juan Carlos Alvarez with Puertas Liz. Second and third places were both awarded to Juan Carlos Martinez, also from Guadalajara, and his horses Paddington and Dimitri respectively.Full results:

The day ended with The Longines Scappino Cup, the FEI Jumping World Cup TM Guadalajara Qualifier, 1.50m. This competition had 33 participants, with just over one-third making it to the jump-off. Arturo Navarro (MEX) and Questina had an excellent time of 43.96 seconds. Central American Games Team Gold Medalist Francisco Pasquel atop his fast mount Naranjo tried to catch Navarro but finished in 44.41s and second place. Third place was awarded to Nicolas Pizarro with Carquilot with a time of 45.96s.Full results:

Friday began with The Reserva de la Familia Cup 1.40m, with a subsequent jump-off. Nicolas Pizarro, who had already earned some excellent results this week, was the winner, this time riding his horse Ares. Young rider Mauricio Huesca riding Charisma R was second and Alberto Martinez aboard Easy Blue rounded out the top three in the 63 participant class.Full results:

The Amateur 1.35m Reserva de la Familia Cup followed, with young rider Carlos Molina and Usidor de Perhet topping the nine horse jump-off. Second place by just under two-tenths of a second, a common theme this week, was Andres Arozarena riding Hubalia and coming in a close third, just over two-tenths of a second slower, was Armando Acevedo and Coronation Site. Full results:

The Banorte International 1.45m Cup, a Longines Ranking class, completed the day. The blazing Brazilian Rodrigo Lambre, whose name is often on the lights of the leaderboard, led the victory gallop. He had a stunningly perfect jump-off performance aboard Chapilot. Second place went to Marcelo Galan from San Luis Potosi and his horse Intero Oh and third place was awarded to Luis Alejandro Placencia riding Jack White. Fun side note, Luis Alejandro is about to marry Sofia Larrea, both great riders.Full results:

The Guadalajara Country Club was once again proud to host the third year of the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup TM on Saturday. The day started with the Academia CONADE Cup 1.35m Seventeen out of 66 riders qualified for the jump-off and nine of those 17 went double clean. It was Carlos Molina riding Dallas LZ who once again topped the podium. Second place was awarded to another young rider who had stepped up second on the podium this week, Mauricio Huesca aboard his mare Charisma R; and Simon Salame riding Elmo earned the third spot. A great class and super way to kick off the show season for these three young riders. Full results:

The day continued with the amateur section of the Academia CONADE Cup. Daniel Attie and his horse Colonel Bogey topped the four horse jump-off. Second place was awarded to Armando Acevedo riding Coronation Site, third Santiago Vallarta riding Cutieful. Full results:

Only four riders mastered Guilherme Jorge’s technical design for Saturday ́s all-star competition, the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup TM Guadalajara. The exuberant audience enjoyed each moment of the competition. Mexico’s Salvador Oñate was triumphant keeping the Longines watch in his family, as his nephew Luis Alejandro won this class last year. Onate and his horse Big Red, also were members of the Gold medal team in the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games in Colombia. Second place was awarded to the Spanish Paola Amilibia with her horse VIP that was previously owned by her husband Federico Fernandez, another great rider. Third place went to Israel,represented by Simon Nizri, riding D Amour From Second Life Z. Nizri lived in California for several years, now he trains and resides in Mexico. Full results:

Sunday concluded the second week of international competition in Guadalajara with two classes on the schedule. Picking up his second win, Daniel Attie riding his horse Darius topped the GDL Country Club Cup CSIAm-A, 1.35m Speed Class. Second place went to Andres Arozarena on Hubalia, who also had a podium finish earlier in the week. Picking up third place, also for the second time this week, was Santiago Vallarta riding Cutieful. Full results:

The last competition, the Audi-Scappino 1.45m Classic, welcomed seventy-three participants. The challenging course also had a tight time allowed with just ten pairs qualifying for the jump-off and six finishing the first round with a single time fault. Local rider Arturo Parada of Guadalajara and his horse Cornet ́s Dream won the competitive class by over half of a second. Uruguay’s Juan Manuel Luzardo, who also trains out of Guadalajara, rode Dalien Swally R.P to the second spot, and taking the third place was Martin Jimenez and his Bingo Ste Hermelle. Full results:

A thrilling jump-off until the final horse, a great event to end a superb two weeks at The Guadalajara Country Club. Stay tuned for The Ban Bajio Classic, CSI4*-W in Leon, Guanajuato , Mexico, which is certain to also be an exciting competitive and well-attended event.